Time Lapse: Autumn Leaves Watercolour

Watch the Timelapse on Youtube here

One of my favourite things to paint are naturally occurring objects and so painting these Autumnal leaves were such a joy. Anything with organic form and colours from nature just seem to be a lot of fun to paint as they require less planning and more free painting.

IMG_9458 copy

These leaves are now part of their own watercolour clipart set, available here in my Etsy shop as a digital download. They’ll be popping up in lots of places too as I just love them so much!

For this piece, I used cold pressed paper from Cass Art, Windsor and Newton watercolours in both tube form and pans and a variety of brushes from a medium size down to a very small size for detailing. I also used Faber and Castell’s Polychromos coloured pencils for added texture, depth and detail.


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