New in Store: 2018 Wall Planners

Yikes, 2018? Why on Earth are you talking about 2018 already, Alexia! – I hear you shout. (Or not!). Well, I always release my wall planners in the Summer of the previous year. It gives them a chance to get established on my online shops and you would be surprised how many super organised folk are already buying these. I usually get enquiries asked when they will be up and live way before I’ve even ordered any in!

You can grab my 2018 planners now on Etsy here, or on Not on the High Street here.

Anyway, my 2018 Wall Planner calendars are now live. There are even more designs than last year. You all also spoke and I listened… this time there are some super cute ones that you’ve asked for… Cats and Dogs! Whether you are team cat

or team dog, there’s a planner for you.

Love the timeless botanical leafy trend at the moment? Well it’s definitely here to stay and I have a gorgeous botanical beauty ready for you also for 2018.

My Galactic design is back again after great demand for 2017.

I even have one perfect for that extra kitchen organisational touch… my cooking themed planner!

And last but not least, I couldn’t forget my best selling Woodland Creatures wall planner. I have produced this particular design (with a different colour twist each time) since I began selling calendars in 2015. This design has folk coming back each year for the same design, so I couldn’t rob those folk of their fave!

Here’s to being super organised for 2018. x


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